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Aptly named in support of Rememberance Day and the day and time we found him at the Saleyards. In the doggers yard and ready to be slaughtered, no one bid on him at all (other than the doggers).

When the hammer fell and he looked at us with those sad and frightened eyes we had no choice (and I had an elbow in the ribs from Kel).

A 2yr old paint colt and completely unhandled. When we got in and had a good look at him we realised he had a retained testicle as well. He was obviously destined to be with us.

On return to the yards to collect him, and ready for a "long haul", we were pleasantly surprised to find it took a lot less time than expected. He was caught, led and loaded within 30 minutes and we were off home.

After a couple of weeks of handling, we will pay the "big bucks" and have the extensive gelding surgery done. Next, the teeth and the feet. Then, we will turn him out for a few weeks to gain condition and enjoy being a horse. When we are confident that he is ready we will start him under saddle and look for a suitable home.

Today this little man has a future. Yesterday, he did not.

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